We thought we’d embark on a journey through music lore and dive headfirst into the world of vinyl records. Today, we're unleashing the ultimate countdown of the 10 most exorbitantly priced vinyl treasures to have ever graced the turntables. From rare gems to legendary albums, we're about to unearth the stories behind the masterpieces that have ignited bidding wars and left collectors in awe. 


Tommy Johnson – 'Alcohol and Jake Blues' - $37,100 

In 2013, a rare copy of Tommy Johnson's haunting classic, 'Alcohol and Jake Blues,' fetched an impressive $37,100 on an eBay bid. This Delta blues masterpiece, released in 1930, captures the raw essence of Johnson's soulful voice and intricate guitar playing. With its scarcity and historical significance, it remains a highly prized possession for blues aficionados and collectors.

Tommy Johnson - Alcohol and Jake Blues


Aphex Twin – 'Caustic Window' - $46,300 

Markus 'Notch' Persson, the visionary creator of Minecraft, acquired Aphex Twin's elusive album 'Caustic Window' in 2014 for a staggering $46,300. With only a few test pressings in existence, this electronic music gem represents the epitome of rarity. The album's intricate beats, experimental sounds, and rich textures have cemented its status as a holy grail for fans of electronic music and vinyl collectors seeking musical treasures.

Aphex Twin - Caustic Window

The Beatles – 'Till There Was You' - £77,500 

In March 2016, a 10-inch acetate copy of The Beatles' rendition of 'Till There Was You' sold at auction for a remarkable £77,500. This rare recording captures the band's early charm and showcases their incredible talent as they reimagined a classic Broadway tune. The historical significance and sentimental value attached to this Beatles artefact makes it a cherished piece of music history for fans and collectors of Beatles memorabilia.

The Beatles - Till There Was You


The Beatles – 'Yesterday & Today' - $125,000 

In February 2016, a sealed stereo copy of The Beatles' iconic album 'Yesterday & Today' in its rare "first state" cover sold at auction for a staggering $125,000. This controversial album cover, featuring the band adorned in butcher smocks and holding dismembered doll parts, was quickly recalled, making the early sealed copies extremely scarce. The combination of its historical significance, scarcity, and legendary music solidifies its status as one of the most valuable Beatles records in existence.

The Beatles - Yesterday & Today

John Lennon & Yoko Ono – 'Double Fantasy - $150,000 

In 1999, a copy of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's iconic album 'Double Fantasy,' signed by John Lennon, fetched an eye-watering $150,000. Released shortly before Lennon's tragic passing, this record holds immense sentimental value for fans worldwide. The autograph, coupled with the album's profound impact on popular music, make it a highly prized possession for collectors and a symbol of Lennon's enduring legacy.

John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Double Fantasy

The Beatles – 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' - $290,500 

In 2013, a buyer acquired a signed copy of The Beatles' groundbreaking album 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' for a staggering $290,500. The record, adorned with the signatures of all four band members, represents a cherished artefact from the height of Beatlemania. With its revolutionary sound, iconic cover art, and the band's autographs, this album stands as a testament to The Beatles' unrivalled influence on the music industry and their timeless appeal to fans and collectors alike.

The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band


Elvis Presley – 'My Happiness' - $300,000 

In December 2015, Grammy Award-winning musician Jack White acquired the test pressing of Elvis Presley's first-ever recording, 'My Happiness,' for a reported $300,000. This extraordinary piece of rock 'n' roll history captures the raw talent and humble beginnings of the King himself. Presley's journey from an aspiring young artist to an international sensation is embodied in this single, making it a priceless treasure for collectors and a testament to the power of music.

Elvis Presley - My Happiness

The Beatles – 'The Beatles'  - $790,000 

In a moment that left collectors and music enthusiasts baffled, Ringo Starr's personal copy of The Beatles' self-titled album, commonly known as the "White Album," was sold at auction in the US for a jaw-dropping $790,000. This iconic album, with its minimalist all-white cover, showcases the band's artistic versatility and musical genius. The added historical significance of this specific copy, owned by one of the Fab Four and copy ‘0000001’, elevates its value to unprecedented heights.

The Beatles - The Beatles

Bob Dylan – ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’  - $1.77 million

In 2021, Bob Dylan's iconic song ‘Blowin’ in the wind’ was rerecorded. A collaboration with Grammy Award winning producer, T Bone Burnett, which would become the first new studio recording of the song since 1962. A one-off record, on an ‘Ionic Original’ disc, displayed in a walnut and white oak cabinet. Also, the first recording to use this patented technology. A real gem for any collector, no wonder it got $1.77 million when auctioned at a Christies last year.

Bob Dylan - Blowin' in the Wind


Wu-Tang Clan – 'Once Upon a Time in Shaolin' - $2 million 

In 2015, pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli acquired the one-of-a-kind album 'Once Upon a Time in Shaolin' by the Wu-Tang Clan for a staggering $2 million. This exceptional release was limited to a single copy, encased in an intricately designed box and accompanied by various artistic artefacts. Shrouded in mystery and exclusivity, this album was recorded in secret and highlights the intersection of music, art, and luxury. Its unprecedented price tag and the Wu-Tang Clan's visionary approach to music distribution make it an emblem of modern-day musical eccentricity.

Wu-Tang Clan - Once Upon a Time in Shaolin


So that’s it, the 10 most expensive vinyl records ever sold and the extraordinary prices commanded by these musical treasures. From the soulful sounds of Frank Wilson to the visionary artistry of Wu-Tang Clan, these records exemplify the remarkable value placed on rare editions, historical significance, and the enduring impact of legendary artists. Whether you're a devoted collector or a passionate music lover, these records represent more than just financial investments—they embody the essence of creativity, cultural significance, and the eternal allure of vinyl records.



June 17, 2023