For music & art lovers, vinyl heads, culture enthusiasts,
and people who love surprising encounters

Brand Ethos

The Intersection of Art & Music

12on12 was founded in 2016 by Claudia Moross. Through vinyl records, we provide cultural icons with a distinct canvas upon which to tell their stories.

Specialising in artist-curator collaborations, our work reflects the shared sentiments of the artists. Our vinyl releases are accompanied by a selection of lifestyle products featuring the co-curators artwork.

Our Values

The Power Of Art & Music

Visual arts and music are interconnected and harmonious. The relationship between the two art forms reflect their influence on each other. The transformation from one art form to the other is flawless. From the dawn of time, music has been an impetus and source of inspiration for painters and visual artists.

We aim to create a more meaningful, reflective, and emotional vinyl experience through our products. Inspiring a broad audience to discover original art and music while capturing memorable moments, intimate conversations, and untold stories.

Music As The Central Activity

There is something romantic about records, something satisfying about opening the album jacket, seeing the impressive artwork and studying the liner notes while listening to the album. That’s something that today’s digital files can’t replace.

With a record, you have to remove it from the sleeve, open the top of the record player, place the vinyl disc carefully and set the stylus, then switch it on and wait as that warm crackle draws you into the bewitching experience.

Music & Art With A Purpose

Our sustainable production processes include FSC and recycled paper, plant-based inks and varnishes, sustainable finishing, and vinyl offcuts. We offset any remaining emissions from our factories, and our logistics handlers use the greenest shipping methods.

All our products are timeless, durable and collectable, reinforcing their long lifecycle.