Edition #08

Steve Aoki x Richard Orlinski Vinyl Record

12" Vinyl Record

Limited Pressing of 500

In this limited-edition vinyl compilation, Steve Aoki celebrates his straight-edge hardcore roots with a meticulously curated track list.

Taking the listener on a journey through the songs that embody the unexpected story of punk music’s influence on his meteoric rise to superstar DJ, the album reflects his authentic passion for punk from the late 80’s to early 2000’s. From his introduction into the straight edge hardcore world ‘Start Today’ by Gorilla Biscuits’ to tracks by early trailblazers ‘Avail’ and ‘Shelter’, through to definitive straight edge hardcore band, ‘Youth of Today’ all alongside singles from his own punk bands Rifoki and The Fire Next Time.

The world’s biggest-selling contemporary French artist Richard Orlinski art directs the collaboration and has created a unique original character, ‘Punk Kong,’ exclusively for this 12on12 vinyl release.

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Music Curated by : Steve Aoki
Art Direction by : Richard Orlinski
Created by : 12on12

Track List

Side A 

“Start Today” by Gorilla Biscuits
“In Defense of Reality” by Shelter
“Pinned Up” by Avail
“Running Like Thieves” by Bold
“Firestorm” by Earth Crisis
“New Noise” by Refused

Side B 

“Undertow” by Function
“Break Down the Walls” by Youth of Today
“Blanket” by Unbroken
“Sperm Donor” by Rifoki
“Left Hand” by ENVY
“One Question” by The Fire Next Time

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Edition #08

Steve Aoki x Richard Orlinski

The 12" vinyl release of 'Year Zero' pays homage to Steve Aoki's Hardcore roots.

Telling the unexpected story of punk music’s influence on Steve Aoki’s meteoric rise to superstar DJ and a look back to the mid-90s when he was instrumental in developing California’s ‘straight edge hardcore’ punk scene. It is also a co-curation with the biggest-selling contemporary French artist in the world, Richard Orlinski, who art directs the collaboration and has created the original character, Punk Kong, for this 12on12. 

'Punk Kong' is a new iteration of Orlinski's iconic Kong sculpture, created exclusively for this launch. 12on12 brings Punk Kong to life with limited-edition vinyl, apparel and lifestyle products produced to luxury standards and reflecting the artists’ shared sentiments.