Edition #06

Smiley Professional Grade Slipmat

Professional Grade Felt Slipmat

This 21oz professional grade slip mat is the first and only officially licensed Smiley slip mat available. A classic Smiley logo print is featured on the front and back with two-tone detailing and a yellow and black curved edge body. This turntable accessory pays homage to Smiley's status as an icon of DJ culture.

Felt material is durable, high-quality, and resistant to dust and other particles so that vinyl will not be scuffed or scratched. Suitable for use in your home, studio, club or competition set-up, this product is compatible with all turntables.

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Size : 12inch
Material : Felt

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We donate 10% of all sales from this release to ‘To Write Love On Her Arms’, a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery. For more information, visit www.twloha.com

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Edition #06

Smiley x André Saraiva

Throughout its history, Smiley has stood for a spirit of defiant optimism, a beacon of hope amidst decades of global strife and gloomy forecasts. It is an emblem for anyone wishing to swap a narrative of despair for possibility and promise.

Music and art have a special relationship with Smiley, largely due to the dual symbolism of the icon, both as a mainstream driver and counter-culture subvertor of that very mainstream. Smiley's adoption as the figurehead of the acid house movement in the late 1980s exemplifies this.

In honour of this longstanding iconicity in pop culture, 12on12 decided to drop a vinyl record to mark the symbol's 50th anniversary. André Saraiva, the legendary graffiti artist, was commissioned by Smiley to create a new version of the iconic logo. A sense of boundless positivity permeates this design, which also features original spray paint textures from Andre. Upbeat electronic music accompanies the artwork to ensure an uplifting sensory experience.