If you’re anything like us, you love finding out more about the artists that have shaped the culture and continue to inspire others. With 50 Years of Hip Hop just around the corner, we thought we’d dive into the world of Eric Haze, an artist who has left an indelible mark on both the worlds of Art and Hip Hop. Seems like a pretty appropriate subject for a company that sits at the intersection of art and music, right?

Eric Haze, is a renowned artist and graphic designer who, with his distinctive style, has become a significant influence. Not only has he collaborated with iconic figures, but he’s also helped pioneer a unique visual language that fuses graffiti, graphic design, and urban aesthetics. 


Eric Haze - Hip Hop

He began his artistic journey during the 70s, immersing himself in the emerging Hip Hop and graffiti culture of New York City. The vibrant energy and expressive nature of graffiti served as a powerful inspiration for Haze, as he began experimenting with typography and developing his own artistic voice. His experiences as a graffiti artist laid the foundation for his future work, as he transitioned into a career as a graphic designer.

Eric Haze - Selection of Classic Logos

Eric Haze's artistic vision draws inspiration from a diverse range of sources. He has cited abstract expressionism, Russian constructivism, and classic Swiss typography as significant influences on his work. His ability to seamlessly blend seemingly disparate elements and styles results in a visually striking and cohesive body of work.

This artistic prowess garnered attention from various musicians and artists seeking to infuse their work with his unique visual style. He collaborated with the likes of Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, and EPMD, creating album covers and logos that visually represented their music and personas. One of his most notable collaborations though, was with the legendary Hip Hop group Public Enemy. He designed their iconic logo, incorporating a silhouette of a man in a crosshairs target, which became instantly recognizable and synonymous with Public Enemy's incredibly powerful message.

Eric Haze - Selection of Album Covers

His collaborations also extended beyond the realm of Hip Hop, working with renowned artists such as Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, both of whom played integral roles in shaping the art scene of the 1980s. And in addition to the art world, Haze also finds inspiration in street culture, skateboarding, and fashion. In fact he’s collaborated with brands such as HUF, G-Shock, Jimmy Choo, Pleasures, BAPE & more. His keen observation of urban environments and exploration of the relationship between art and the everyday have contributed to his distinctive style and unique perspective.

Eric Haze's contributions to both art, Hip Hop and streetwear have left an enduring impact. His work continues to inspire and influence artists, designers, and musicians alike (check out this great convo he had with A$AP Ferg about Basquiat & the blurring of creative mediums).



By bridging the gap between graffiti, graphic design, and fine art, Haze has carved out a space for himself that defies conventional categorizations.

Haze's ability to capture the essence of an artist's or brands identity and translate it into a visually captivating aesthetic has made him a sought-after collaborator for creators seeking to visually communicate their art. His influence on Art and Hip Hop Culture is immeasurable. Through his innovative blending of graffiti, graphic design, and urban aesthetics, he has helped reshape the visual landscape of both industries. 

His collaborations with iconic musicians and artists have further solidified his status as a creative force, while his ability to draw inspiration from various sources has ensured the continued relevance and dynamism of his work. As the Art and Hip Hop worlds continue to evolve, Eric Haze's contributions will undoubtedly remain an integral part of their respective cultures.

July 19, 2023