Edition #10

Nas x Futura 2nd Edition Vinyl Record

12" Vinyl Record

Limited Pressing of 250 (100 available online)

Commemorating 50 years of Hip Hop, 12on12 proudly presents the eagerly awaited second instalment of Nas and FUTURA's transcendent trilogy. The limited release unveils a fresh Hip Hop 50 cover and introduces FUTURA's artwork "Injection 1" (2018) on the inner gatefold sleeve.

This meticulously crafted release is not merely a collector's item; it's a numbered testament to the fusion of Nas and FUTURA's creative prowess, offering an exclusive glimpse into the heartbeat of Hip Hop's evolution.

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Music Curated by : Nas
Art by : FUTURA
Created by : 12on12

Track List

Side A 

“High Powered Rap” by Crash Crew
“South Bronx” by Boogie Down Productions
“Fresh, Wild, Fly & Bold (Radio Edit)” by Cold Crush Brothers

Side B 

“Ego Trippin'” by Ultramagnetic MC's
“Sucker MC's (Krush-Groove 1)” by RUN DMC
“I Ain't No Joke” by Eric B. & Rakim

Side C 

“Boyz-N-The-Hood” by Eazy-E
“Eric B. Is President” by Eric B. & Rakim, Marley Marl
“La-Di-Da-Di (Live/Explicit Version)” by Slick Rick, Doug E. Fresh

Side D 

“N.Y. State Of Mind” by Nas
“Who Shot Ya?” by The Notorious B.I.G
“Shook Ones, Pt. II” by Mobb Deep

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Cultural Masterpiece by Nas & Futura

At the forefront of this collaboration stand two towering figures, stalwarts in their respective domains.

Nas, the lyrical master of rap, curates an exclusive 12on12 vinyl featuring his 12 pivotal Hip Hop tracks, a sonic journey shaping both him and the genre. FUTURA, an artistic luminary rooted in the streets of 1970s New York, contributes his directional finesse and the visually captivating painting “FUTURE LOOK FOR FLASH.”

In this amalgamation of sound and vision, Nas and FUTURA converge to create a cultural masterpiece, transcending boundaries and inviting you to witness the harmonious fusion of rap's lyrical genius and artistic mastery.

Edition #10

[Hip Hop 50] Nas x Futura 2nd Edition

In homage to 50 years of Hip Hop, 12on12 proudly unveils the highly anticipated second chapter of our collaboration with Nas and FUTURA.

This exclusive release introduces a fresh addition to the Hip Hop 50 cover series – the second canvas in the coveted triptych of FUTURA's masterpiece, "FUTURE LOOK FOR FLASH." Immerse yourself in the visual narrative as it unveils a robotic DJ skilfully scratching on turntables, capturing the pulsating energy that defined the early Hip Hop movement.

FUTURA's limitless creativity intertwines seamlessly with Nas' discerning ear for timeless tracks, culminating in a vinyl edition that stands alone in its uniqueness. This one-of-a-kind release goes beyond the ordinary, complemented by a hand-finished vinyl by FUTURA bearing the co-signatures of him and Nas.