Edition #07

Swizz Beatz x Ferrari Sheppard

Edition #07

Swizz Beatz x Ferrari Sheppard

Jazz is the eternal union and juxtaposition of tradition and innovation, autonomy and harmony. One of the sacred musics of Black Americans, jazz's influence on both American and world culture at large continues to reverberate. My Name is Sarah by Ferrari Sheppard is an evocative expression of this union via his distinct perspective on portraiture. A working meditation on Aunt Sarah, the first woman of Nina Simone’s “Four Women,” Simone’s lyrics provide the template for Sheppard’s figure.

My Name is Sarah was selected as the cover art for the reissue of Long Live Jazz by the album’s curator, the legendary producer and owner of the Dean Collection, Kasseem “Swizz Beatz” Dean. A triumph in its ability to synthesize and concretize the more abstract elements of music and identity.

Forward by Kristina Kay Robinson Writer, Curator & Visual Artist

My Name is Sarah (2022) by Ferrari Sheppard

Unframed size: 44” x 61”.
Hand-signed by the artist.

Giclee Fine Art Print hand-finished by the artist with acrylic paint, oil pastel and 24k gold on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Smooth® 308gsm. Each Edition is uniquely hand-finished by the artist, highlighting his dynamic style and striking brush strokes.

Edition of 12 Framed or unframed.


Art of the A9 x Long Live Jazz Limited-Edition Beoplay A9 Speaker

2022 marks the tenth anniversary of the Beoplay A9's debut, and Bang & Olufsen is releasing a very limited run of speakers featuring artwork from 12on12's latest release with Swizz Beatz & Ferrari Sheppard.

A series of designs created by leading creatives from the fields of art, design, and music will be featured as part of Beoplay's "Art of the A9" initiative.

Artist & Curator

“This is the perfect combo between ART & Jazz. Ferrari is a creative force to the art world . His work makes you feel something special! It moves your soul & mind. Jazz is a creative force to music . When these two come together it creates healing, love, peace and fun times. Long live Art & Long live Jazz.” 

- Kasseem “Swizz Beatz” Dean 


"If there is a sonic representation of my work, it would be jazz. There’s a particular improvisational aspect to the work, and I imagine myself as a conductor of sorts. Always taking a leap of faith towards communicating an emotional intelligence, that to me, is the correlation between visual art and jazz." 

- Ferrari Sheppard