12on12 | Swizz Beatz x Kwame Brathwaite

Swizz Beatz, the Grammy winning producer has partnered with 12on 12 to release 1,000 hand numbered vinyl albums of Long Live Jazz on Friday, February 25th. Incorporated with the album on the sleeve is artwork from Swizz’ private collection of Kwame Brathwaite photos. This project is meant to build a new category of collectibles which are part music, and part art.


12on12 | Swizz Beatz x Kwame Brathwaite


Swizz Beatz says “Jazz has always been magic to our ears. I feel like it should definitely get more attention! This is the first step to pay homage to the great craft & art. Photography is also one of the best expressions of art and should be shown more often. Art & music are brothers and sisters so I thought it was a great match. I’m a big fan of Kwame and I also love that I'm able to share pieces from my collection through music!”



Original article : Forbes written by Eric Fuller

February 23, 2022

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