12on12 – a company which, and I quote, “invites notable figures in culture to curate and design limited edition vinyl records of twelve songs” – has announced its latest curator, who is also becoming a business partner of the firm. And that curator come investor is Swizz Beatz.


12on12 | Swizz Beatz x Kwame Brathwaite

In his role as curator, the producer has put together a limited edition two disc vinyl release called ‘Long Live Jazz’ which celebrates, perhaps unsurprisingly given the title, his “love and passion for jazz”.

According to the official blurb, his selections on the record will take the listener “on a journey from iconic recordings of jazz standards – including Miles Davies’s ‘Round Midnight’ and Kenny Dorham’s ‘Alone Together’ – through to a reworking of The Weeknd’s hit single ‘Call Out My Name’ by a group of today’s leading jazz musicians”.

12on12 also talks up the importance of the visuals on its vinyl releases. Swizz Beatz can help there too, because the producer is an avid art collector and has his own collection of artworks and photographs that he has acquired and commissioned over the years. And the cover of ‘Long Live Jazz’ features a image from that collection, taken in 1968 by photo journalist Kwame Brathwaite.

Says Swizz Beatz: “Jazz has always been magic to our ears. I feel like it should definitely get more attention! This is the first step to pay homage to the great craft and art. Photography is also one of the best expressions of art and should be shown more often. Art and music are brothers and sisters, so I thought it was a great match. I’m a big fan of Kwame and I also love I’m able to share pieces from my [art] collection through music!”

12on12 founder Claudia Moross adds: “Our goal is to create transcending experiences through music and art, the combination of playing the record while exploring the thoughtfully curated artwork commissioned for the sleeve allows for a precious moment of cultural enjoyment. 12on12’s are very much pieces of art that can be collected and treasured”.

Noting Swizz Beatz’s wider involvement in her company, she goes on: “With Swizz’s finger on the pulse and his well-documented history within music and art, the brand will be upping the ante as we look to work with the very best artists, both visual and musical, to curate future vinyl works. I am really looking forward to the next chapter for 12on12, and with the expertise and passion Swizz Beatz brings to the table I’m really excited for what’s to come for the brand”.


Original article : Complete Music Update written by Chris Cooke

February 14, 2022

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