Edition #05

Swizz Beatz x Kwame Brathwaite Vinyl Record

12" Double Disc Vinyl Record with Gatefold Jacket

Hand-numbered, Limited-Edition of 1,000

The double disc vinyl record contains 12 tracks meticulously selected by Swizz Beatz. ‘Long Live Jazz’ takes you on a journey that includes iconic recordings of jazz standards, including Miles Davis, Wes Montgomery, JD Allen and Kenny Dorham, and contemporary jazz from present-day greats.

The album's artwork features a seminal photograph from The Dean Collection, "Untitled (Grandassas in Car), 1968 c., printed 2021. Sikolo Brathwaite, Juanita and Tiffany McClean during a Garvey Day Celebration' by Kwame Brathwaite.

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Music Curated by : Kasseem "Swizz Beatz" Dean
Art Direction by : Kwame Brathwaite “Untitled (Grandassas in Car), 1968 c., printed 2021. Sikolo Brathwaite, Juanita and Tiffany McClean during a Garvey Day Celebration.” Courtesy of The Kwame Brathwaite Archive
Created by : 12on12

Track List

Side A 

“Until the Real Thing Comes Along” by JD Allen
“Doubts 2” by Ibrahim Maalouf
“Osmosis Part III” Performed by Paul Motian, Bill Frisell, Joe Lovano

Side B 

“Call Out My Name” by New Masters feat. Immanuel Wilkins 
“Never Let Me Go” by Houston Person 
“I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face - Live” by Wes Montgomery

Side C 

“In A Sentimental Mood” by Sonny Rollins feat. The Modern Jazz Quartet
“Little Girl Blue” by Jeremy Pelt
“Doubts” by Ibrahim Maalouf

Side D 

“Alone Together – Rudy Van Gelder Remaster” by Kenny Dorham
“‘Round Midnight (Mono Version)” by Miles Davis
“In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning” by Bill Frisell, Thomas Morgan

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Edition #05

Swizz Beatz x Kwame Brathwaite

Jazz has always been an influential part of Kwame Brathwaite's life. Having co-founded the African Jazz Arts Society and Studios (AJASS) in 1956, he began his career as a jazz photographer. He photographed superstars such as Stevie Wonder and Bob Marley in the 1970s, along with jazz greats like John Coltrane and Miles Davis.

In 1962, Brathwaite co-founded Grandassa Models, leading to the "Black is Beautiful" movement. He is known as the “Keeper of Images” for capturing the lives of young black people in uptown New York with his camera, including the Grandassa Models Fashion Shows, organized and produced by the AJASS – some of the models are featured on the front cover of the record at the 1968 Garvey Day Parade in New York.

Because of the resonance of Kwame Brathwaite's work within the context of jazz, Kasseem 'Swizz Beatz' Dean's curation included Brathwaite's piece, creating a transcending moment in time that friends and family can share by playing the record, sitting down with the sleeve and listening to the music together.