Swizz Beatz is a Grammy Award-winning hip-hop producer, entrepreneur, and art collector, who we absolutely love collaborating with. He has been a major force in bridging the worlds of hip-hop and contemporary art, and his influence on both cultures is undeniable.

In the world of hip-hop, Swizz Beatz first started gaining recognition through the record label, Ruff Ryders, where he eventually produced for most of the acts on the roster. He is known for his innovative production style and his ability to fuse different genres of music. This reputation has seen him work with some of the biggest names in hip-hop, including Jay-Z, Eve, Beyoncé, Drake, and DMX. He also started his own record label called ‘Full Surface’ in 2001, singing Eve, Cassidy, Drag-On and more. He’s a producer, rapper, DJ & songwriter whose music has been praised for its creativity and its ability to capture the energy and excitement of hip-hop culture. 

In fact, he’s worked on so much that knowing where to start listening can be a bit daunting, although to be honest, you’ve probably heard a bunch without being aware it was produced by him. So, if you’re wondering what tracks he’s produced, in true 12on12 fashion, here’s 12 of our favourites:

‘Spit Your Game’ - The Notorious B.I.G
‘Party Up In Here’ - DMX
‘I’m A Hustla’ - Cassidy
‘Tambourine’ - Eve
‘On To The Next One’ – Jay-Z
‘Fancy’ – Drake ft T.I
‘Touch It’ – Busta Rhymes
‘Money Cash Clothes’ – The Game ft A$AP Rocky
‘Countdown’ – Snoop Dogg
‘Dr. Carter’ – Lil Wayne
‘Check on It’ - Beyonce
‘Rollin' (Urban Assault Vehicle)’ - Limp Bizkit

But his legacy doesn’t just end with music. In the world of contemporary art, Swizz Beatz is known for his collection of art. He has amassed one of the largest and most important collections of Gordon Parks's work. In fact, him and his wife, Alicia Keys, hold the positions of co-chairs at the Gordon Parks Foundation, an organisation dedicated to preserving the extensive body of work by Gordon Parks, a groundbreaking figure in photography, filmmaking, music, and activism. Swizz Beatz collection also includes works by artists such as KAWS, Keith Haring, Jeffrey Gibson, and Kehinde Wiley. He has used his platform as a collector to advocate for artists of colour and to promote diversity in the art world.


Swizz Beatz - Art


In addition to his work as a producer and collector, Swizz Beatz has also been involved in a number of other projects that have brought hip-hop and contemporary art together. In 2019 he opened the exhibition "DREAMWEAVERS" at UTA Artist Space, which featured work by over 20 contemporary African American artists. The exhibition helped to showcase the work of these artists and to promote diversity in the art world.

He has even taken his art fair No Commission on tour worldwide. No Commission is a touring exhibition that gives artists 100% of the proceeds from their sales. That’s right, every, single, penny. Definitely a significant departure from the traditional art market.



We first worked with Swizz Beatz on the release of Long Live Jazz, a double disc vinyl record that contains 12 tracks meticulously selected by Swizz. The album's artwork features a seminal photograph from The Dean Collection, "Untitled (Grandassas in Car)” by Kwame Brathwaite. We then released a 2nd edition of the vinyl in 2022, with Ferrari Sheppard's fine art portrait, 'My Name is Sarah, 2021', as the outer jacket and album gatefold. 

Swizz Beatz's work has helped to break down the barriers between hip-hop and contemporary art. He has shown that these two cultures can be mutually beneficial, and he has helped in creating a new space for artists to thrive. He’s a true pioneer in the field of hip-hop and contemporary art. His work has helped to change the way that people think about both cultures, and his influence will continue to be felt for years to come.

July 13, 2023

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