Edition #01

Dita Von Teese x Soundtrack for Seduction Vinyl Record

12" Vinyl Record with Gatefold Jacket

Dita Von Teese selected 12 songs and curated the artwork for our first vinyl record release. With its 180gm vinyl record in powder pink, the album sets the mood for a romantic evening of seduction. A tonal pink paisley print covers the vinyl records inside a gatefold sleeve.

Von Teese curated the soundtrack, which includes four never-before-released tracks used in Dita's performance on Side A. Side B creates a seductive, late night atmosphere with electronic artists such as Blood Orange, Handsome Boy Modelling School, and Royskopp.

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Music Curated by : Dita Von Teese
Art Direction by : Adam Rajcevich
Created by : 12on12

Track List

Side A

“Johnny & Mary” by Bryan Ferry & Todd Terje
“Here She Comes Again” by Röyksopp
“I've Been Thinking” by Handsome Boy Modeling School feat. Cat Power
“Too Much” by Pale
“Girls And Boys” by Monarchy feat. Dita Von Teese
“S'Cooled” by Blood Orange


Side B

“Lazy” by Dita Von Teese & Patrick Collins
“Let's Do It (Le's Fall In Love)” by Chuck Henry
“Strip Tease” by Juliette Greco
“Anastasia/Dita's Theme” by Chuck Henry
“A Guy What Takes His Time” by Dita Von Teese & Chuck Henry
“Is That All There Is?” by Peggy Lee

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Edition #01

Dita Von Teese x Soundtrack for Seduction

Seduction is an art best stirred by music, and the soundtrack to my life has always drawn from a variety of, and, as some listeners might be surprised to find, unexpected aural pleasures.

There are the gold standards I cherish as anthems, those by Cole Porter, Irving Berlin and Ralph Rainger that I have delightfully turned to on stage and in the studio. Equally moving are the bona fide classics by the likes of Juliette Greco and Peggy Lee that never cease to inspire. Even as I conspired with the emerging neo-burlesque world back in the early 1990s, another scene was revealing itself that equally thrilled my mind and body.

I found a powerful, seduction in the experimental sounds surfacing from the electronic-dance underground, which I continue to not only tap into as a fan, but now as a collaborator. The past and future, retro and electronic play like two major forces in the beautifully eccentric, eclectic catalog of music I enjoy, and that is why I welcomed curating an album of some of my top tunes. 

So get set to strip away any misconceptions about me or the music-and be ready to be moved.  

- Dita Von Teese